co-creating health & wholeness


Physical or emotional symptoms are a message from the inner self asking us to get quiet and listen: a new consciousness is inviting us to dance. Shifting the mindset from worry to curiosity illuminates the path. Often what comes forth is simply a deeper awareness and honoring of the body, which leads to healing. Sometimes what emerges is a whole new direction in life.

There are different doors we can open to access healing and wholing: energy medicine to resuscitate the subtle life support system, guided physical movement for a deeper relationship with the body, divine-light meditation to activate a powerful healing force, and/or soul work to awaken your unique, inner wisdom. Through any or all of these practices we build the container to hold your emerging strength, vitality, truth.

Shall we dance?



Merry Henn is a gentle empath, experienced Energy Medicine practitioner and channel of unique healing wisdom. 

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