If you feel off, if you have pain or sluggishness, can't sleep, if you are hypersensitive and exhausted, having digestive issues, if you feel numb or keep repeating the same life patterns... These are just a few examples of situations where the bodily energies are scrambled, blocked, imbalanced, leaking away or simply following unconscious programming. Here are some typical diagnoses, which no amount of talk therapy, medication or exercise will remedy:

  • The aura is full of holes, detached or collapsed (the aura is our "energy suit" -- an essential whole-body container and buffer between us and the world)
  • The root chakra -- our rock and foundation -- is ungrounded, frozen shut and not allowing energy to reach the upper body 
  • The kidney meridian -- a major energy supply -- is weak or overloaded, plugged, submerged or may have "jumped the track" and is not even flowing through the body anymore
  • A "template" -- or unconscious programming in the chakras -- is directing your body to be allergic to certain substances, or to not fully be in your body because the world seems unsafe

Energy flow IS health, and some wise people, from ancient healers in the East to modern visionaries such as Donna Eden and Ellen Meredith, have charted the exact pathways and patterns of healthy flow and developed simple and accessible techniques that we can use in our daily lives to create a clear mind, vibrant health and satisfying life. 

Through energy-testing we assess where the energies are blocked and stagnant, then simply follow the corresponding protocol to release the block and restore flow and balance. Deeper "programming" that is keeping us sick or stuck is released from the chakras.

Energy Medicine is a not just a set of techniques, but a dynamic and collaborative process, a supportive community, and an exciting movement for energetic awareness, self-empowerment and true well being. 

The beauty of Energy Medicine is that, if desired, the client can learn to do these techniques for her- or himself. So after an initial learning period you can take your healing into your own hands. The practitioner is always available for those times that you need extra care and comfort.

Please note that this work is concerned with the assessment and correction of energies; if you need medical diagnosis or treatment please see a physician. These programs present a complementary system of healing that is compatible with any other health regime or protocol you may be following. They provide support for peak performance, wellness and personal transformation.