Most modern cultures are full of sedentary thinkers rather than integrated beings acting through bodily wisdom. When we are little we learn to do as we are told, not to check in with how we feel and follow our body's needs. As we grow we are drawn ever more into our heads, and the body becomes an afterthought. There are some who use their bodies more -- to exercise, to make things, to get from point A to point B by their own locomotion -- but often injuries occur due to a lack of awareness of what the body needs. 

I discovered that if we tune in and ask our bodies to move with a healing intention, removing our own opinions completely from the equation, magic happens. The mood shifts to serenity, painful tension and stiffness dissolve, insomnia and other stubborn conditions go away, and the self-alienation that plagues so many of us just... evaporates.

When invited to help, the body will start moving on its own in a surprising display of gestures and dynamic postures. Our only job is to be loose and let it flow.

The gift that I bring to this practice is in holding space for the client, seeing where the energies need to flow differently, and verbally formulating the intention for the movement. We cannot use the language of the head -- that means nothing to the body. There is an art to intuiting a request that the body will find moving (pun intended!).  

For example, if someone is dealing with an addiction, the request that I may have them ask of their body might be: "Move me to comfort the pain I felt as an infant." The body will know what to do because our infant self is still in the memory of our cells, even though s/he is long gone from the mind.

Our bodies are dying (sometimes literally) to get an invitation from us to be a source of healing and support, to release the grief and fear that they have been holding for years, to express our true selves through movement. You don't have to "figure out" who you are -- your body already knows.

EVERYONE can do this movement practice. It literally cannot be done wrong. Living from and through the body is our most basic impulse. It is life itself, the very ground of our being. Acting from bodily wisdom is an extremely powerful reality that can transform our lives.