Light and Color

Powerful Healing Energies

In dreams and visions I have been gifted with two light frequencies that I have found relieve pain and nausea, both deeply soothe and super-charge the system, balance yin-yang, and raise the vibration so that soul guidance is more accessible.

The first that came to me was the rainbow light -- a silky soft, yin energy that dissolves bitterness and expands the compassionate heart. It originates in the belly. I see a Hawaiian goddess wearing a rainbow robe that flows to us if we take the time to connect with her.

A year later, as I lay sick in bed a feminine entity came to me and shone a super bright, white light, which healed my sore throat immediately. This is a powerful yang force, brilliant like a diamond in the sun, originating at the mingmen point in the lower spine. 

I channel these light transmissions in sessions when I am intuitively led to do so.