Full moon over Lake Tully, Mass., 2013. This and homepage photos by Laurent Lecordier.

Full moon over Lake Tully, Mass., 2013. This and homepage photos by Laurent Lecordier.

As a highly sensitive empath I grew up absorbing others’ emotions and energies, but was unaware that I was doing so, and as a result I suffered from anxiety, depression, brain fog, chemical and food sensitivities and various physical symptoms. Eventually I figured out that many foods were perceived as toxins in my system and went on a very strict diet, which helped to an extent, but after a couple of years I found this to be unsustainable and looked to alternative medicine for answers. 

I started taking classes in Eden Energy Medicine in 2009. I discovered that I loved learning about energy healing and was a natural at it. Soon I was in the EEM certification program and learning additional modalities, such as EFT tapping with David Feinstein, The Emotion Code (certified practitioner) and Soul Therapy (certified practitioner). I participated in workshops with Ellen Meredith, Penney Peirce, Alisa Starkweather, Michael Meade and Animus Valley Institute. I also practiced and led Sacred Circle Dance for many years, learned Iyengar yoga and Feldenkrais, and studied the work of Marion Woodman, Charles Eisenstein, Stephen Mitchell, Sandra Ingerman, Cynthia Bourgeault and Lee Harris.

Through all these practices and every rebirth into a new season of the soul my life became more mystical and magical -- a series of meaningful synchronicities, rich dreams, intuitive visions and messages, and "downloads" of unique healing techniques. There were many dark nights of the soul, as well, as I released old programming, detoxed, resisted the "weird" direction my life was going, and painstakingly learned how to stop absorbing from others, balance yin-yang, trust my body and integrate a higher vibration. 

As so often happens in these tales, there came a time when I had to give up my comfortable life and follow my heart into the wild unknown. I respectfully left my marriage of eighteen years and my life in Boston and moved to the Emerald City (Seattle), far from all that I knew, for no other reason than a strong hunch that it was what I needed to do. In that vast, fertile and watery land I came to know and love some amazing trees, was given my spirit name in a dream, and met my divine feminine guide whose healing light I now channel. 

After 18 months I was guided to return to my hometown of Indianapolis just before my mother had a stroke. After some months, when she was stable, I received signs that I was to go back to the misty mountains of Western North Carolina, where I had arrived thirty years before during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Here I experienced the great solar eclipse of 2017 in the path of totality, and on that very day, dear reader, I reunited with my college sweetheart. 

I come back again and again to the metaphor of dance as the perfect attitude with which to engage with life. Whatever presents -- the outcome I desire or the one I fear -- if I simply dance with it, all is well.