The soul is the unique, eternal, creative wisdom that you are. Its language is art, metaphor, poetry, dreams, prayer, ritual, nature and the elements. 

I believe that we make soul contracts prior to incarnating -- we choose who will parent us, who will love or betray us, who will fire us at just the right time so that we are available to do work that is more fulfilling. If you believe that you are a soul striving to guide your time on earth to evolve and express your unique gifts, there is always hope and a way forward.

During times of trauma a piece of soul can break off and hide, and we become diminished without it. I guide clients to journey back to those times and reintegrate those pieces, which brings great relief and more wholeness.

Artwork by Rima Staines

Artwork by Rima Staines

We can accidentally pick up negative entities that latch onto us and make us sad, angry, in some cases overweight (if the entity is a "hungry ghost" that is never sated) or even suicidal. An indication that you may have an entity is a sudden, insatiable appetite, or a pervasive sadness that has no reason for being. I went through a period where I attracted a lot of entities because I needed to learn about them. I knew I had one if I found myself getting more and more upset and eventually saying, "I just want to die!" That would wake me up and I would think, "That's not my voice. Who or what is making me say that?" I learned to release the trapped emotions that the entities were carrying so that they could return in peace to Source. With entity-release, clients experience immediate relief.

We all suffer at one time or another from the soul-killing ways of modernity and patriarchy -- self-alienation, isolation, maddening confusion. Women often feel belittled and silenced, men cut off from their feelings and dying inside. Through intention-setting and one or more of the following -- dream work, art-making, feng shui, ritual, toning, dance / movement, poetry reading, vision questing, or another medium of your choice -- you will learn to recognize and be healed by your soul. I am the witness on the journey alongside you. I hold space for your becoming. Soul has directed my life for many years now. Simply by committing to this work you will set your soul journey in motion.