I create a caring, safe, relaxed space for mind-body healing. A session begins with an energetic "ice breaker" that is relaxing and reassuring, then I invite you to share about your issues. Often when the client is explaining something verbally, the underlying energies will start speaking to me louder than the words -- "telling" me where we need to start. We then may do some techniques sitting or standing, I may guide you in doing some body-wisdom movement, we may go to the massage table (client stays fully clothed) for energetic adjustments that involve light touch or working above the body, or we may go into a deep meditation for soul work. 

I offer a free, twenty-minute phone consultation to learn more about these modalities and determine if this work is for you, or you may schedule a session  if you are ready to start. I can work remotely over phone or Skype / Facetime no matter your location. If you are in the Asheville, NC area I will be happy to meet with you in person. 

  • Initial Consultation (1.5-2 hours): $125
  • Follow-up sessions (1 -1.5 hour) $95
  • 3-session package paid in advance: $255 (equivalent of $85 each)

Please wear comfortable clothes, and have something with which to note down your self-care plan. 

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